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10 Idle Miner Tycoon Tips & Tricks You Need to Know
Who doesn’t want to be a boss? Idle Miner Tycoon doesn’t only provide you with a virtual world to live your actual dream but it also helps you imbibe various qualities to become a leader. This game will not just entertain but also let you know most of the factors you need to keep in mind when you kick-start your business. Learning is a process and who denies it when it’s fun? In real life and in-game, a boss has to monitor that he is gaining profit from the work, he has to upgrade the features to perform operations and also make sure his managers are performing their tasks. The similarity with the real-life business skills makes it entertaining and an idle way to gain knowledge. To enjoy the game we have enlisted the tips which will help you gain not just cash but SUPERCASH too. After all, it’s a game and who doesn’t want to defeat the rivals… Right? Here are the top 10 tips and cheats which will help you to stay on top in Idle Miner Tycoon. 1. Earn cash and Activate your Managers When you start playing the game, your first aim should be to get a handsome amount of cash so that you can hire a Manager. The manager you hire will help you manage the workflow of your miners. When you hire managers you don’t have to tap on your miners to activate them. Your managers will make a note of the same once you assign them the position. When you earn plenty of cash, you can activate all your Managers’ booster abilities which will enhance your skills and your performance in the game. This way you can earn cash easily. So, manage your managers efficiently. 2. Earn Extra Super Cash by Upgrading your Shafts, Elevator and Warehouse For upgrading the shafts, elevator and warehouse of your mine you require cash. As you soon as you attain the upgraded levels of mine’s components you will receive the extra SuperCash. You need to reach upgraded level limits at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 for earning SuperCash. 3. Achieve Milestone Levels! The upgraded level limits mentioned above are the milestones of Idle Miner Tycoon game. Once you attain a milestone in each component of your Mine, it will drastically increase your stats. If you find that any of your managers have an ability to lower the upgrade cost of any operation they are assigned then put him in a section of the mine where you want to upgrade. 4. Unlock New Shafts Unlocking a new shaft requires a lot of cash but it is worth spending money. Once you unlock a new shaft, you can earn plenty of cash you can even make Idle cash by combining with other open shafts. 5. Gain Rewards using Booster Methods Do you want to own all other mines? For this, you require a lot of cash but don’t worry we’ve multiple methods by which you can double income in just a blink. Watch the video advertisements visible at the bottom of your screen. This will surely help you to multiply your cash. Watch the video multiple times to increase the lifespan of your amount. Come online and play the game, go offline for an hour or two then against come online and rewatch those advertisements to double the money your workers earned. In the end, use your final card i.e. Super Cash to buy Income Boosters and Instant Cash. 6. Uses of Research Laboratory and Workshop For unblocking the Skill System and Use gear, you’ve to unlock the Research Laboratory and Workshop. Skill points are required to purchase new skills and for this, you’ll have to unlock other continents. There are 3 types of skills on which you can spend the earned skill points i.e. color-coded- Red, Green and Blue. Skill can be purchased using login reward but the main thing you require to but then is Skill points. Red, Green and Blue points can be bought using Fire, Grass and Ice Cash respectively. These skills help in various ways like Red Skills upgrade Managers booster abilities, Green Skills increases the efficiency of Grass Continent Mines while Blue Skills helps in overall progress of the game and also helps you get maximum profit of watching video ads. The Workshop houses chests help you collect rewards not only by watching video ads but also daily login. Chests have four different categories i.e. Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. Chests consist of gear cards which help in increasing the productivity of working mechanics of a mine. When you’re done collecting the set of gear cards then you can get another valuable gear. 7. Pay for Prestige! You may feel that this is a waste of cash you’ve in your virtual wallet. But let me tell you paying for Prestige option will let you keep your the amount available, Super Cash and also Unlock Mines. It also boosts the amount of your income by 4 times. 8. Earn cash with your Facebook Friends Earn Cash along with your Facebook Friends Soon, you will unlock the Income Boost feature which is connected to the worker icon which is visible next to the Setting icon during the gameplay. You can also earn cash if your friends love to play the game just like you. The more they play, the more cash you will be […]